To be released in October 2012 by Abrams    

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I’m so excited to present this new book Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid, which will be released on October 1st, 2012. I’m so passionate about eco-construction, I think you will too after reading this new book. Prefabulous + Sustainable profiles wonderful, very sustainable homes. This new book has the most efficient houses I have ever come across. My previous two books - Prefabulous and Modular Mansions were meant to change people’s perceptions of prefab as “doublewides” and to show that almost any house can be built prefab. I hope that I’ve altered peoples perceptions of prefab, at least a little, with the beautiful houses included in these books. Prefabulous + Sustainable and Prefabulous + Amost Off the Grid are meant to inspire homeowners to consider more environmentally friendly options for their home. Whether they are building a new home or renovating their existing one, these books define a variety of green construction aspects and offer inexpensive alternatives to creating a healthier, more energy efficient house - that is gentler to the environment.

My books are not meant to be a manual for green construction - but a general overview of aspects of prefab and green construction. The 32 houses profiled in this new book are true inspirations because they were built with great forethought, sensitivity and practicality. All of the homeowners, builders and architects not only considered environmental issues in building these houses, but also budgetary issues - in all cases attempting to build the houses for the least amount of money with the least amount of waste and the most efficiency. The houses are varied in size, location and design - but all were well planned, well designed and each with their own charm. Many of these houses were built in less than prime locations - in areas sometimes considered “the wrong side of the tracks.” Many on infill lots and purchased at an excellent price. Because builders/homeowners were able to purchase these lots at reasonable prices, they were afforded opportunities to build houses, in several cases, close to work and recreation facilities. In several cases these homes stimulated urban renewal of areas in decline. I hope you will be inspired by Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid to build or remodel your own sustainable homes.

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