Modular Mansions

Modular home building is the fastest-growing method of home construction, with the number of houses built in the US almost doubling in only 13 years. Nation’s Building News says that one out of every 10 new homes in the Northeast is modular or panelized.

Modular housing is still often confused with HUD code housing and mobile homes. In actuality, modular homes are built very much like stick houses—in all the styles and with all the amenities—the only difference is that they are built in a factory and transported on trucks to a site where two or more are attached to each other and set on a prepared foundation. Modular Mansions explores the many different styles of modular housing that are available today, effectively bringing this time and money-saving method of building to mainstream home builders everywhere.

From a Patriot Spy Farm in Connecticut, to an Arts & Crafts House on Lake Orange, to a Governor’s Island Paradise in New Hampshire, Modular Mansions profiles over twenty modular houses in various styles—ranging from 1,344 to 12,700 square feet—in locations across the country.

Koones’ reveals the money and time-saving secrets behind this building method that has made modular housing so popular, including: savings in construction time, minimized weather delays, less wear-and-tear during construction, added structure strength and soundproofing, reduced loan times, and so much more!

With the dwindling population of craftsmen, the sophistication of available equipment, and the added desire for faster construction solutions, modular building is the solution home builders have been looking for!

Modular Mansions

Gibbs Smith Publishers



Published: September 2005